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Monday, November 14, 2011

Pray this way: Adoration

Image courtesy of Chelsea H.

"Pray then, in this way: Our Father who is in heaven.  Hallowed be Your name." Matthew 6:9.  This is the beginning of a very familiar prayer that most know as The Lord's Prayer.  I have also heard it called the Disciple's Prayer and the Model Prayer.  It is given as a contrast to what the Pharisees were doing who would pray so as to be seen by men.  This will be the beginning of a four part series looking at the different parts of the Lord's Prayer.  We see here in Matthew 6:9 that the prayer begins with adoration and praise toward God.

Adoration.  Stop for a moment and think about the last time you prayed.  Was it all about what you wanted God to do for you?  There is nothing inherently wrong with this as God does care about our wants and our needs but when is the last time you began a prayer by praising God?

Adoration.  I don't think any one of us would disagree we that we serve an awesome God.  Just consider the image above.  A beautiful Oklahoma sunrise sent to me by my girlfriend during the writing of this blog.  If that sunrise is not evidence for how awesome a God we serve, I don't know what is.  But the question we need to ask ourselves is when is the last time we showed adoration toward God in our prayers?

Adoration.  The beginning of this prayer acknowledges two qualities about God.  First, He is our Father and second He is hallowed which means holy.  These are only two of the many qualities to describe the magnificent and awesome God we serve who deserves all the adoration and praise we can give to Him.

Adoration.  So my encouragement to you is this.  Next time you approach God's throne in prayer do as Jesus said, "Pray then in this way."  When you pray just spend time thanking God and praising Him and resist the temptation to just pray for what you would want God to do for you.  Again, nothing inherently wrong with doing so but prayer is about more than just asking God for what we want.  So this morning I leave you with the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:9 -- "Pray then in this way..."


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