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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heavenly Vision

"So, King Agrippa, I did not prove disobedient to the heavenly vision."--Acts 26:19.  Paul, before King Agrippa  had just finished describing his encounter with Christ and the events leading up to it.  Paul knew what he had to do.  

The Greek word vision here is optasia and it means vivid apparition, not a dream. When Paul saw Christ, his encounter was real.  It was most definitely not a dream.  Paul recognized the reality of Christ.  The reality of Christ caused him to be obedient to the "heavenly vision."

Christ is real.  He is not just a dream.  Where I think many Christians and leaders thereof have failed these days is to realize the reality of Christ in their own lives.  This has caused Christians to not see the heavenly vision and therefore have no direction in their walk with Christ.

Honestly, this is where opening God's Word and studying it out for ourselves is crucial.  I don't mean just sitting down and reading a few passages everyday.  What I mean is digging into the text. This night I think of the lesson I just heard regarding John 15 and how Jesus is the true vine.  In the beginning of the lesson, we were shown how we can highlight words in a certain text and this well help paint a picture of what is being spoken of and what we can learn from John 15.

Looking at evidence outside the Bible can help us realize the reality of Christ and KNOW He is real.

Knowing Christ is real will allow us to more actively obey the heavenly vision.

Can you see the heavenly vision? Have you been obedient to the heavenly vision? If not, I encourage you to use the practical suggestions I just gave these will help you to become obedient to the heavenly vision.  The heavenly vision is real. Christ is real. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! PRAY ABOUT IT! LOVE Y'ALL! GOD BLESS!

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