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Monday, September 12, 2011

God's Stamp of approval: The pure in heart.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."--Matthew 5:8.  This is the sixth beatitude described by our Lord and Savior.  It is the pure in heart that have God's stamp of approval.

The pure in heart.  I find this to be the most interesting of all the Beatitudes.  This passage tells us that it is the pure in heart that shall see God.

The pure in heart.  According to a couple different books that I looked at along with the definition of the Greek word pure, I came to the conclusion that the pure in heart are those who have not allowed any outside influence to distract them from serving God with all their heart.

The pure in heart.  A footnote in my Bible also ties this verse back to Psalm 24:1-8 which like the Sermon on the Mount also deals with righteousness.  Psalm 24:4-5 tells us that he (or she) who has not given their soul to falsehood (or to anything else but God for that matter) will receive a blessing and righteousness.  This fits well with Matthew 5:8.

So my question for you tonight is how is your heart?  Looking at the context of Matthew 5:1-12, we can assume that being pure in heart is a result of the previous six beatitudes we have already looked at.  So again I ask how is your heart?

We live in a world that is riddled with distractions that try to keep us from serving God with all our hearts.  Some of these distractions include the billboards we pass around town, television, Facebook and the internet as  a whole.  These and so many other things are just that, distractions.  Even our other responsibilities such as work and school can distract us from what is really important and that is serving God with all our heart.  So again I ask how is your heart?

The pure in heart.  Tonight's message and encouragement is quite simple.  I encourage you to take some time and review the Beatitudes we have already looked at.  If you need to go back and read my previous blogs on them.  But in addition to this, I encourage you to examine your own life.  Is there some distraction that is keeping you from serving God with all your heart?  If you are able cut it out or cut back on the time you devote to that distraction if it is keeping you from devoting your heart to serving the Lord.  May we never forget that the ultimate blessing the pure in heart will receive is that they will see God.  So again I ask, how is your heart?  But most importantly, have you given your soul to Christ through obedience to the gospel. Either way, do not delay in committing your life in service to God. Blessed are the pure in heart FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD! :-)


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