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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Attitude is everything

"I will most gladly spend and be expended for your souls..."--2 Corinthians 12:15.  Paul, describing how everything he has done has been for the good of the Corinthian church.  Paul did everything for them.  He says he had all the right to boast but chose not to because despite all he had accomplished, he was weak.  It's in this same context that Paul speaks of the thorn in his flesh, his weakness that he pleaded God would take away. God's response? 2 Corinthians 12:9--"My grace is sufficient for you."  This kept Paul humble despite all the other things he could have boasted about. Because of this, his focus was not on himself but on the individuals at Corinth.  Everything he did was for their good.  They were unappreciative.  They questioned his apostleship. But Paul's resolve did not change.

Attitude is everything.  Why do you do what you do for the Lord and His people?  Is it out of obligation?  It is out of selfish desires so that you can look good in front of your peers? Is it for profit or gain? We must remember Paul who had all the right to boast but God kept him humble.  Paul chose to be humble.  If anyone had the right to brag and boast, it was Paul.  But Paul chose humility.  The only thing he would remotely boast about was his weaknesses.  It's our weaknesses and what we do with them that make us strong.  Our weaknesses keep us humble.  It's because we are weak that we NEED God and the salvation offered through Christ. We may be accomplishing great things in the kingdom but we can't forget that at the core it is God and His grace that makes it all possible. Seek first the kingdom of God.  Seek the good of others even in the face of opposition. Why? Because God's grace is sufficient for you and attitude is everything! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! PRAY ABOUT IT! LOVE Y'ALL! GOD BLESS!      

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