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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's In a Name?

"...and you shall call His name Jesus..."--Matthew 1:21.  Back to basics.  The name of our Savior, Jesus.  The Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua.  The name means Savior.  In Jewish culture, your name said everything about you.  Your name represented who you were.  Jesus was given this specific name by God because He would save the world from their sins.  Last names in our culture had their origins based on what a person's profession was.  For example, the last name Smith meant that you were a blacksmith or a silversmith for instance.  The point being our name represents more about us than we realize.

So the question is what's in a name? Everyone who reads this will have a different name.  When people hear your name what do you want them to think of? What does your name represent about you?  If we are followers of Christ while our given names might be different, as Christians we all wear the name of Christ. That being said, us wearing the name of Christ makes us representatives of who Christ is.  I am assuming most of the people you know are aware that you are a Christian or that you wear the name of Jesus Christ.  This means that when people hear your name, they connect your name with Christ.  What do they think of now?  We need to ask ourselves if when people hear our name, do they think of Christ and are we representing Christ in a positive and accurate manner?  Jesus' name represented the fact that He IS the Savior of the world.  Jesus' name represents everything about Him, EVERYTHING.  If we choose to wear that name, that means we represent EVERYTHING about Christ.  So I ask again, what's in a name? Everything.  I encourage you to take some time today to do a little self-examination and see if there is any part of your life that is not representing Christ and make an effort to improve in that area or areas.  Our given names may be different but if we are in Christ.  We all wear one name, the name of Jesus Christ. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! PRAY ABOUT IT! LOVE Y'ALL GOD BLESS!

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