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Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't just Think Souls...Love souls...Save Souls

"...Get up, let us go from here."--John 14:31.  This is the closing statement of John 14 that Jesus makes to His followers.  In John 15, Jesus would go on to tell them more about who He is and give them further instructions as to how they ought to treat each other and also what their relationship with the world would be as long as they followed Him.  What Jesus is doing is preparing them to carry this message out.  These are not just wise sayings or advice.  These are the promises and commandments of God Jesus is giving to His disciples.  These are the promises and commandments of God Jesus is giving to us.  And He expects us to get up and go and do something with them.

Get up.  Let us go from here.  There is things God expects us to do. In the following verses, among other things Jesus tells us to abide in His love and in order to do this we must keep His commandments.  We are to also love one another.  I just did a memory verse out of the famous love chapter, specifically 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.  Love is not just an emotion.  Love is an attitude.  Love involves initiative (action).  If we claim to love Jesus, that should be displayed in our actions toward God and each other.  1 John 3:18-23 describes this perfectly.

Ultimately, in addition to our love for God, we need to have a love for souls.  This too is involved in loving one another.  We have to remember that we too were lost and I think we would all agree that someone loved us enough to share the gospel message with us and did all they could to make sure our salvation was ensured. This is why thinking souls is so important.  Thinking souls does not only involve lost souls.  Thinking souls involves the souls of the saved.  We have a responsibility both to the souls of the world and to the souls of each other.  But thinking and loving souls involves action.  Thinking souls should lead to loving souls and loving souls should lead to saving souls.  So may we love each other enough to not just think souls but to love souls and save souls. If you are not sure about your soul, click here to study more on salvation. GET UP, LET US GO FROM HERE! PRAY ABOUT IT! LOVE Y'ALL! GOD BLESS!

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