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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Decisions decisions.

Decisions--2 Samuel 5:23

"When David inquired of the Lord, He said..."--2 Samuel 5:23.  The context of this passage involves one of the many battles King David fought during his reign.  He had just had a victory over the Philistines.  It was time for his next move.  Rather than trying to figure out on his own, David went to God to see what God thought his next move should be.  In the following verses, in 2:Samuel 5:23-25,  God gave David very specific directions as to his next move.  Sure enough since David followed those directions, the ensuing victory was his.

The question is what does this mean to us?  Well this is not the only time in Scripture that we find victory follows consultation with the Lord.  On the other hand, many times failure follows a lack of consultation with the Lord.  We may not be out there on the front lines such as in Iraq or Afghanistan but there are still battles we face in our own lives. Every day is full of decisions that must be made.  Some are easier than others but they are still decisions.  David was in the middle of a battle and he had a very tough decision to make as to how to defeat the Philistines. There are going to be times in our lives when we face situations where we have to make decisions, tough ones and easy ones.

When we are faced with making a decision, we must always seek God's will first.  Admittedly, God's will is not always as clear as it was with David in this passage.  But we still need to seek out His will FIRST in every decision we face.  What decisions are you facing at the moment?  Is it a decision regarding your relationship with someone? Is it a decision on a career choice? Is it a decision regarding a particular ministry? These are just a very small handful of examples of decisions we will face as Christians and as people in general.  As you go throughout your day today as you come into contact with decisions, seek first the counsel of God.  If you do that, He will give you ultimate victory.  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  PRAY ABOUT IT! LOVE Y'ALL GOD BLESS!

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