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Thursday, February 3, 2011

What controls you?

"For the love of Christ controls us..."--2 Corinthians 5:14.  Paul making a point to the Corinthian church that since the love of Christ is in control, they need to live for Him, and not for themselves. He makes the point in the previous verses that because they are living for God, they are acting totally different than what most people are used to.  This drives him to the point that because the love of Christ is in control, they act completely different.

Control.  What is it that controls you?  As human beings, we have an almost natural desire to be in control of any given situation.  A lack of control creates insecurity, doubt, and fear, among other things.  Whatever it is that controls us will cause us to act in a specific manner.  What are some of the things that control people in the society in which we live? Well some of the obvious ones would possibly be drugs or alcohol.  But what about other things such as maybe TV, Video Games, Cell phones, or Facebook? I hate to admit that I probably spend more time than I should on Facebook.  Nothing inherently wrong some of these secondary distractions I just mentioned.  But the question is are we allowing these "distractions" to control us?

It is the love of Christ that needs to control us.  If we allow the love of Christ to control us, it will cause us to seek out those who need His love.  If the love of Christ controls us, it will cause us to help those in need. If the love of Christ controls us, we will put His will above our own.  Giving up control requires a first step.  The first step is to make the choice to relinquish our control and hand it over to Christ.  Just for one day this week, give something up in order to focus more on the love of Christ and showing it to others.  Give up one of those "distractions." Other than posting the link for my devo's, I am going to give up Facebook for one day. Something that consumes more of my time than it should.  So again I ask, what is it that controls you? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! PRAY ABOUT IT! LOVE Y'ALL GOD BLESS! THINK SOULS!    

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